What is Internet? And How Does Internet Work?

 Basicaly Internet is a Medium to connect one computer to another Computer. Which is working through ISP (INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER). And Vint cerf is the father of Internet 

Here you can get some Answers for basic Questions of All About Internet. Like:-

  • What is Internet?

  • History of Internet.

  • How Does Internet Work?

  • What is IP Address?

  • What is ISP?

  • How to Test Internet Speed?

More than 4.5billion people used Internet all over world at that time. But am sure 90% users don’t know What is Internet all about?

So, Are You Interested to Knowing it?

If Yes, then that’s good for you. Because before using a thing we should know about this topic. So now let’s start our Topic…


Definition:- Internet is largest worldwide Network system which is connected one system to another for conversion or communications.

In a single word the medium which helps to communicated one system to another is Known as Internet

It was Discovered  in 1969 at USA. Vint Cerf is known as the father Internet because he was communicated first time from one computer to another

History of Internet.

At the time of Cold War between America and Russia. In 1957 Russia first time sent a man made satellite to space. In 1958 the president of America think to grow technology in America. So hi was make a committee name as ARPA (advance research projects agency). In Next time The ARPA converted to DARPA(Difference Advance Research Projects Agency). 

In this year when America start NASA. The all Space projects of DARPA was taken by NASA. At the next time in 1962 NASA hiring L.C.R. Licklider for IPTO (Information Processing Techniques Office)which is the part of DARPA.

In October 29th 1969 at 10:30pm the university of California (UCL) first time sent  “L” to Standfor esearch Institute (SRI) which was successfully worked at next time send “O” and this time also succeeded but when send “G” the system had a problem so the 1st message becomes “LO” but in next time GIN successfully sends. That why the First message of Internet is  “LOGIN”.

How Does Internet Work?

We can connect two computers with the help of  wire or without wire. Which is less distance but if we want to connect more than two Computers and a long distance then we can’t connect them through above two process 

For connecting more than two computers we need a medium called as Internet.

Basically Internet Works  through a cable which helps to transforming data from one place to another there are no matters how long them.

How Internet Works? step by step

  • Internet works through cable 

  • Internet works with the help of ISP (INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER)

  • When a user requested to server for a data then server send this data to users through Internet 

  • When server send data to user this data will received to this particular users by the user IP Address.

What is IP Address?

IP for Internet Protocol 

Definition:- IP is a Decimal value which is identified a particular user or computer or a System. IP is combined whith four numbers.

Example:- 1234.12.123.12

IP Address basically works for giving a Uniqueness to a system.

If you want to know your IP Address, then go to google and type “my IP” and the first result is your Own IP Adress.

Finally IP is Address of Computer where can receive data from servers.

What is ISP(Internet Service Providers)?

ISP is a service provider Operator which can provide Internet to us.

ISP companies makes towers where the all data comes from servers then it will send to our computers.

In my last word INTERNET helps us to work with online or communicated to others. This blog which is you read now also work for INTERNET. Here you requested to server then server send this blog to you.


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