What is Affiliate marketing and Best Affiliate Marketing websites for Beginners in 2020-21

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing strategy to promote another company’s products or Services with your audience. And  generate a passive income by depending on your performance or you can got your commissions for promoting company’s products. In this blog we are discussing about How can a beginner start this work and get their profit. If you are a beginner then first, you must need to know  What is Affiliate marketing and how does it work. So here we will cover some basic and important topic about Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. We hope after you read whole post sure you will generate a best income so please care full read this post.

What is Affiliate Marketing

A Marketing process with internet which gives some commissions for promoting a company’s products is called Affiliate marketing. In simple word A company gives you commissions by promoting their products or services to a customer is called Affiliate Marketing.
For Example:- If  “X” is a Ecommerce Company which sell all types of products. And “Y” is a Affiliate Marketer which promote to “X” products and “Z” is a Customer which want to buy a product. Now “Y” promote a product of “X” and “Z” buy these product from “Y” then “Z” will give some commission to “Y” of these product. 

In this field without any investment you can start it and generate a good income for you. Without any risk you can start it just giving some time of yourself. Affiliate Marketing one the best Business in online where you can Earning Money in your own home. In the Internet world there are more tha 2000 companies which provides Affiliate Programs to us. In india millions of people now work with this program and earn more than 10lakh per month. Naturally you don’t earn this amount of money in start but when you become a export in this field. am sure you can earn upto 10lakh per month.

Affiliate marketing for beginners

If you are a beginner of this field then don’t worry you can do it very easily. Just gather some information about this and choose your interested category to start Affiliate Marketing.If you want to start this Business at your home then you must follow some instructions that given Bellow. 

Pre-required for Affiliate Marketing 

First you must know all information about Affiliate Marketing. You must need to learn more to more. You have to need some knowledge of Internet using because this a online program so you must have a Smartphone  or a Computer. Then you need some data for accessing internet. After fulfillment of all above requirements you can go away for starting this wwork. And once again you must learn about this program otherwise you can’t grow in this field.

Affiliate Marketing websites

There are thousands of websites which providing Affiliate programs. If you are a beginner then I will recommend you to work with 3 websites in startting

1.Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon one of the largest ecommerce company in world. Basically here you will promote to Amazon products to your friends or audience.You can find more than 2000 category of products in this company. You can work in free with Amazon Affiliate Marketing. If you you want to work with Amazon then first of all you need to create a Amazon Associated account in amazon. If you want to create a Amazon Associated account then follow this steps.
>> Open any browser on you device
>> Search Ammazon Associated in search bar then you will got some result
>> Click on 1st link which is officially website of Amazon Associated 
>>click on create a account and fill all required details.
>> After successfully creating an account you can share your Affiliate links.
When someone buy a product or service from our Affiliate links you will got commissions of these product.

2. Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing is worldwide Affiliate Program which can provide more benefits to users. If you want to work with Flipkart then its very simple to work. You need a Flipkart Affiliate account to sell the product of Flipkart. When someone which are your friends or family members or audience buying a product from Flipkart with your providing links then you will got profit for this product. 

3. EarnKaro Affiliate Marketing 

Earnkaro is not a ecommerce website. It just providing Affiliate programs for more than 1500 ecommerce websites. Here you can share or promote a product link to your frinds and earn money from them. Here is the full information about Earnkaro 

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

This is very simple to start an Affiliate Marketing at your home. You just need to follow some instruction that given bellow.
First choose your category means which type of product or service you want to sell. After choosing category you need a platform to promote your link. The best platform for promoting is Facebook Market Place. Now you need a Affiliate account which very easy to create. Just go to any Affiliate programming website and create an account by giving your some information. Then select a product and copy the product link from your Affiliate account. Then simple promote your link through any social media platforms like whatsapp,Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. When someone buy a product from your link you will get commission of this product. And finaly when you earn some money you can withdrawal to your bank account from your Affiliate account.
In this method you can earn more Money from Affiliate Marketing 

Best Affiliate Program for Beginners

When we want to start a Affiliate Marketing the 1st question is “What is the best Affiliate Program for Us”. Now here i will suggest you if you are a beginner then you must work withEarnkaro because you can find more than 1500 Ecommerce websites product in this website thats why you must try Earnkaro.

Finally Affiliate Marketing really helps you to generate a good income in monthly basis. So now you can go and start you business. And first try with Earnkaro .

Thank you.

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