35 Amazing Tips and Tricks in WhatsApp -2021

In this article I will tell you more than 35 tips and tricks for whatsapp. We all know that whatsapp is the no.1 biggest messaging platform in the world. Now whatsapp is a necessary app on our smartphone. Every smartphone user must have a whatsapp account. On this day you must be a smart user not only of smartphones but also Whatsapp. So here you can get the best and latest tips and tricks to improve use of your whatsapp. And these all whatsapp tricks help you to do something different from your friends. 

Why whatsapp tips and tricks?

To use whatsapp in a smart way you need to know some basic tricks in whatsapp, and Some tricks help you for a better experience. So if you think you have become different from other whatsapp users, then you must try all the tricks which I discuss in the below paragraph. So in the help of all these hacks you can mostly become a smart user for your whatsapp and you can one step away from your friends or colleagues.

whatsapp to an unsaved number.

WhatsApp to unsaved number

If you send a whatsapp message to a person then the whatsapp number of that person must be saved on your contacts, otherwise you can’t do it. But in that trick of whatsapp you are able to send a whatsapp message without saving his/her number to your contact. So this is very simple and easy and the best thing is you don’t need to install or visit any other 3rd party application or website respectively. So basically you can WhatsApp to an unsaved number through whatsapp official website.

To send messages from WhatsApp to an unsaved number, just open your chrome browser. ๐Ÿ‘‰ Then type wa.me/country code and number without giving any space(For Example:- wa.me/911234567890) on your search bar, then hit the enter. ๐Ÿ‘‰ After that you will redirected to whatsapp sending page and then click on Send message button. ๐Ÿ‘‰ If you are using more than one whatsapp then choose and send message. In this way you can easily send a whatsapp message to an unsaved number.

WhatsApp message read but no blue tick

WhatsApp message read without blue tick

There are two ways to read whatsapp messages without a blue tick. Basically in the first way is the feature of whatsapp. So in this way you need to turn off “read receipt” you can easily find this option by going to Setting >> Account >> Privacy >> Read Receipts. But in that case not only your friends can’t see blue ticks but also you can’t see blue ticks on your sending messages. So basically this is not a whatsapp trick.

Another way is the trick where you are able to see blue ticks but your friends can’t see. So for that you need to follow some instructions. When you receive a message on whatsapp, before watching the message turn on flight mode on your mobile. Then see the message and clear WhatsApp from the recent tab, and then turn off your flight mode. This whatsapp trick helps you to see messages without a blue tick.

Bookmark to a Message

Star on WhatsApp

This feature helps you to bookmark any chats or a single message for future reference. If you bookmark or started a message then in future you can quickly find that particular message. So if you think a single message is important for you, then you can save it or bookmark it to find it easily in future.

So bookmark to a message just long press to this message and you can see some options in the top bar. Just hit on the star symbol and your message will start. In future for accessing or reading that message, open whatsapp >> Click the 3dot icon on the top right corner. Now you can see an option started message now click on this option and you will see all your starred messages at one place. If you want to remove that message from the start, then again long press and click on the unstarred symbol on the top bar. So finally in this trick you can bookmark any whatsapp messages.

Change chat wallpapers

Whatsapp chat wallpaper

For a good user experience you can select chat wallpaper for different different chats. So for that open your friends chat where you want to set wallpaper. >> Then click on 3dot menu button on the top. >> Setect wallpaper option. >> Now choose wallpapers and finally hit on set wallpaper. 

Tricks in WhatsApp Text

This trick help you to stylish you message text. Like “BOLD” “ITALIC” and “STRIKEOUT”. You also also change your font type to monospace

Bold Text:- To bold any text on whatsapp, type *Your text*. And also you can bold by selecting this text and clicking the bold option.

Bold text whatsapp

Italic Text:- To italic a text on your whatsapp message, write the text between _ this symbol. For example _your text_ and also you can italic by selecting this text.

Italic text on whatsapp

Strikeout Text:- Similarly type your message on between ~ this symbol and your text automatic change to strikeout format.

Strikeout text whatsapp text trick

Monospace font:- To convert your text from normal font to monospace font. Type “` before your text and after text. For example “`your text here“`. Also you can make it by selecting the particular text.

Pin chat on whatsapp

Pin chat on WhatsApp

Pin chat on whatsapp means keeping a particular contact on top of your whatsapp chat section. This whatsapp trick helps to chat with your favorite person quickly. So to pin a chat, long press that contact from the chat section and then tap on a pin symbol on the top bar. After pinning a chat, that chat will be appearing on the top of your chatting list. 

In future if you want to unpin that contact. Then similarly long press that pinned chat and clicking on unpin option from top of your chat section. 

Mute on WhatsApp chat

mute on WhatsApp message

To mute any chat just long press that chat and select mute option from the top bar. Then select how long you want to mute that particular chat. After that click on the OK button.  Similarly you can unmute any muted chat by the reverse process.


So finally all the tricks help you to use WhatsApp in a smart way. I hope all the tips and tricks are helpful for you. If this trick helps you then please share this article to all your whatsapp friends thank you.

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