TCS NQT 2021 Registration, Exam date, Apply, and much more.

In this particular article we’ll have a look at what the new in tcs nqt 2021. That is a national qualifier test has to offer to the candidates who are aspirants of the same. So let’s have a look at the important details which are announced in the official website of tcs ion platform. Also we will discuss tcs nqt 2021 Registration, Syllabus, Eligibility, Result and much more.

What is TCS NQT 2021?

The tcs nqt cognitive skills section is a prerequisite for all the tests. Which means if you haven’t got any scores in this particular section yet, it is a pretty much mandate for you to get a score. Then you can apply for the other sections like subject and nqt or the psychometric test or whichever you wish to write. So they’re saying that this is a prerequisite. You are supposed to have a score in this particular section and next up is that the score validity will be for two years from the date of examination taken. So you would have to be aware of that as well and the mode of test is not going to be online. It is going to be in the center. Which means you would have to go to the nearest tcs on authorized test centers. And a gift test next up is that the candidates for the nqt scores will be eligible to apply in the tcs ion job listing portal.

So you can go to the tcs ion portal and click on the apply drive button if it is available for you. They have also made it available on the homepage of this nqt website. So you can just scroll down and have a look at all the companies which are listed and you can apply for the same. 

TCS NQT 2021 Registration Date

The registrations are limited. So if you are an aspirant to write the exam again, take up the test again. We would advise you to register as early as possible. Because the registration of tcs nqt 2021 already started and the last date for registration is 20th of april of this particular year 2021. 

TCS NQT 2021 Exam Date & Payment

So the first thing is that the test dates are on the 1st and 13th of may of this year 2021. And there are certain payments which have to be done in this particular tcs nqt. If you have to write the test on 1st and 13th of may you’ll have to make certain payments. You have options to choose which particular section you want to write. So we’ll have a look at all those details in a while. so these are certain important things which you’ll have to understand before you head across to the further process.

Who can Apply for TCS NQT 2021?

As it was for the previous entities this entity is also applicable for ug, pg and diploma students in their pre-final and final years. Final year right which means that if you are in your third year or fourth year. You will be eligible to apply for this particular tcs nqt 2021. The students with any particular degree and specialization or discipline which means. Your streams, your branches, whatever it. You’ll be able to apply for this year tcs nqt. The freshers with less than two years of experience which means, let’s say you have passed out of your college and you have work experience of less than two years then again you are also eligible and you can apply for this particular nqt that is going to happen in May first and 13th of this year. 

How to Register for TCS NQT 2021?

You can register by clicking on this Registration link. Then you can go to the home page and register for the same. So now at this home page you can get an option called “Registration Now”. Just click on that button. After that you can see the variants section and in this section click on the “buy now” or “active now” option. Then login with your tcs ion account and fill all details required for that registration form. 

Still you have confused then follow this video

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New Updates of TCS NQT 2021

Now let’s say what the new updates on the TCS NQT 2021. This inquiry has been made on tcs ion website. So on the website you will see some changes. The new updates are nothing but just need pay before you take the test.

Eligibility Criteria for TCS NQT 2021

Those candidates are applied whose age is between 18years to 28 years. The candidates must have a minimum of 60% or 6 CGPA in academics and a total of 60% or 6.00 CGPA in the highest qualification by semester for which the results have been declared. A fresher can apply for this tcs nqt 2021 whose experience is 0 to 2 years.

How TCS NQT Works?

First you have to register with tcs nqt. Then choose a variant. After that give a test. Then you will get a score by tcs. And this score is valid for the next 2 years. Within these 2 years  you can apply to corporate jobs.

TCS NQT 2021 Pattern 

The whole test is divided into 5 sections. In verbal ability you can get 24 questions with 30 minutes duration. Similarly for Reasoning you get 50 minutes for 30 questions. For numerical ability nqt gives 40 minutes for 26 questions. And the Programming logic you can get 10 questions to 15 minutes. Final and last for coding, there are 2 questions within 45 minutes.


So basically the tcs nqt exam will be conducted on may 1st and 13th of this year. And the last date to apply for this test on 20th April. So if you are interested to apply this year then go ahead and Register with your variants.

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