SBI ATM Pin Generation Through ATM Machine, SMS, Netbanking, Customer Care & YONO App .

 SBI ATM Pin Generation Through ATM Machine, SMS, Netbanking, Customer Care & YONO App :-

Previously State Bank of India provided an ATM PIN directly to their customers. Which is printed to a scratch paper. So that customers are easily get pin code of their atm card. But the PIN codes are not customer’s own choices. 

In Present day the Customer of a SBI user can generate their ATM PIN code through an ATM Machine, SMS, Netbanking, Customer Care & YONO App with their own choices. So in this article we will discuss the all method of atm pin generation.  But before going on article we will discuss some basic details about an ATM PIN.

What is an ATM PIN ?

A personal Identification Number, which is different for different ATM cards. Is known as ATM PIN.

Whis is help to a customer for withdrawal or deposit or any other transaction of a Bank user. A customer can transaction by entering their pin which is provided for his/her atm card. The pin system is secure to transaction of money for a particular customer. 

If someone found an ATM Card of any user then this person can’t able to any transaction without ATM PIN. That’s why this is keep safe to users from any frauds. 

What are the Document Needed For an ATM PIN Generation ?

Nothing more document needed for generate an ATM PIN

There are only some basic documents need. 1st is your atm card need for which debit card you want generate pin. Next is mobile number which is must linked to your bank account, and the last thing is your bank account number where the atm card linked.

Only the above documents are needed for an atm pin generation. 

How to Activate SBI ATM PIN ?

There are manly 4 types for SBI ATM PIN Generation 

  1. SBI ATM PIN generation through ATM

  2. SBI ATM PIN generation by SMS

  3. SBI ATM PIN generation through Customer Care

  4. SBI ATM PIN generation by netbanking 

If you have a sbi credit card and want to change or generate pin code, then you can easily do it by the help of YONO SBI APP.

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1- SBI ATM PIN Generation Through ATM

In this process you must need to visit an ATM Machine. After getting your atm card you can generate a pin code for your atm card by visiting any sbi atm machine. Don’t forget to carry your bank account number and your mobile number which are linked to your debit card. 

If you want to generate sbi atm pin through atm, then you must follow some steps that we given below 

i. First visit a sbi atm counter with your atm card, mobile phone, and bank account number.

ii. Insert your debit card to ATM Machine, then select Pin Change from the displayed options on the atm screen.

iii. After that enter your account number which is linked to your ATM card by number pad of atm Machine and click on Conform

iv. Then you will got a new option to fill mobile number. And enter your Mobile number which is registered with your atm card or bank account. After all above process finished just click on Conform or send OTP.

Now just wait for receive OTP to your Mobile number. (It may take some times which is depend on your Mobile operator system.) And the otp is validate for days.

Note:- The get OTP is not your atm pin. This otp just help you to generate atm pin. And the given otp is known as Green Pin.

After all complete now you can able to change atm pin for that just follow some steps. Which is given bellow.

i. Re-enter you atm card and choose your preferred language for better experience.

ii. Now click on change PIN and enter the OTP which you received previously.

iii. Now time to choose your own atm pin for that, just type your 4digit pin code in your own choice.

iv. Finally you have successfully generate your pin code for debit card. And also you can got message from your bank is successfully your atm pin changed.

If you follow all the above steps carefully, then you have not face any problems for SBI ATM PIN generation through ATM.

For practical watch this Video >>


2- SBI ATM PIN generation by SMS

In this process you need to visit any atm within 2 days of complete this method. 

In this you can generate GREEN PIN for your atm card which can helps you to successfully change your atm pin.

For SBI ATM PIN generation by SMS just follow some process that given bellow.

i. Open your message box on phone and need to send a message to 567676 .

The message is format is PIN <last 4-digit of your SBI ATM Card> <last 4-digit of account number>

For example:- PIN 1234 4321 Send to 567676

ii. After successfully sent message you got a Green PIN which is also 4-digit. 

iii. And then visit your nearest sbi atm and insert your atm card then click on PIN change

iv. Now enter your green pin which is get through sms. After that click on Conform and set your new atm pin which is also a 4-digit.

By following this process you can successfully generate sbi atm pin by sms.

Most of the common peoples are facing a problem that SBI PIN generation OTP not received

If you are facing that type of same problem then just wait 24 hours. After that you not received otp then contact your sbi branch manager 

3- SBI ATM PIN generation through Customer Care

In this process you need to call sbi customer care and you can generate your green pin and then you can easily change sbi atm pin.

Here I will describe with details for SBI ATM PIN generation through Customer Care.  So just follow the instructions that provided bellow.

i. First call sbi customer care from your Registered mobile number at

1800 11 22 11 


1800 425 3800



ii. Then choose your language what you want by pressing instructed number.

iii. Next choose ATM service. After all select green pin generate or atm pin generate by pressing 1.

iv. Then you will need to enter your account number and press to confirm that.

v. Next enter debit card number and also press 1 to confirm your debit number.

When all details are confirmed that you provide, the otp or green pin will send to your mobile number by sms. 

After getting sms go to any nearest atm and then you can easily change atm pin by inserting your atm card on atm machine and click on pin change option. After all you can set a new atm pin by providing your OTP which was you received through sms. In this process you will easily generate sbi atm pin through customer care.

4- SBI ATM PIN generation by netbanking 

This process is very easy to create a sbi atm pin.

In this process no longer to visit any atm. You can easily generate sbi atm pin at home.

If you want SBI ATM PIN generation by netbanking. Then you must have sbi online account which you can easily created by online.

i. First login to your sbi netbanking account 

ii. Then click on e-service and choose ATM card service from the main menu.

iii. Next you can see a option ATM PIN generation on the atm card service section. So click on that option.

iv. Now choose any one option from “Using One Time Password” or “Using Profile Password”.

v. If you choose for profile Password then enter your profile Password else enter otp and click on next.

vi. Now select your bank account which is linked with your debit card and click Conform.

vii. Now you will be redirected to ATM PIN Generation page and here you need to enter 2-digit number for your atm pin. After that you will got other 2 digit code through sms. 

vii. Now your atm pin is gather of 4digit means, you enter code is your 1st 2digit and the last 2digit which you received by sms.

Now for Activate atm pin further go to e-service section and in this time choose Atm pin Activate 

You can also Activate your atm pin by your 1st transaction through atm.

How to change credit card pin by YONO SBI app ?

If you have a sbi credit card and want to change or generate pin for it, then you can easily do this by SBI YONO app

Open sbi yono app and login to your account then click on card option and now click on atm pin generation. After that you can easily change your credit card pin.


I hope you understand our topic which is SBI ATM Pin Generation Through ATM Machine, SMS, Netbanking, Customer Care & YONO App. 

So finally if you have any doubts or facing any problems then comment us and if is this article helpful to you then please share with your friends. Thanks.


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