Samsung vs Apple: Which Smartphone Should I Buy in 2021? Apple vs Samsung

As we all know, the two companies Samsung and Apple are the best and largest smartphone manufacturing companies in the world. So in this case when we come to buy a mobile phone most of the time we confuse which mobile phone is best for us. So here I will discuss about Samsung vs Apple.

So if you are facing this type of situation and want to know which smartphone you should buy in 2021, then this article for you. Basically in this article i will compare Samsung vs Apple and tell you which company’s smartphone best to buy in this year 2021. and I also compare some products of two companies Apple and Samsung. So after completely reading this article you will get a basic Idea which company is best for you.

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    Samsung vs Apple

    Samsung and Apple are the two mobile phone manufacturing companies, where both the companies are providing the best smartphones to the market with good qualities. Samsung provides an Android operating system which is offered by Google where Apple has its own operating system iOS. Before you choose a company must know the common difference between Android and iPhone.

    Android vs iPhone

    Customization: you can’t customize to an iPhone more than Android. In iPhone you just change your screen wallpaper, rearrange your app icons, you can make folders etc. But in an Android you can totally customize like adding widgets to the home screen, you can change themes, change lock screen, you can change icons of any apps etc. The point of Customization an Android is better than the iPhone.

    Device Options: Android has more devices, you can buy an Android with your needs like if you want a big screen or fingerprint device or any other particular feature then you can easily choose an android but in case of iPhone you can’t get many device options.

    Multi Tasking: Multi tasking is a big drop for the iPhone . You can’t work more than one task at a time in iOS but in Android you can work with multi tasking.

    Optimization: iOS is more optimized from Android. In this case iOS does not hang, lacks ect. But in Android the hang and lack are common facts. So in the point of performance you should buy an iPhone.

    App Quality and Availability: In the play store and apple app store you get nera equal number of apps on both platforms. But an iPhone app has more quality than android apps. And many apps are firstly lunch on the apple app store then lunch in the playstore. In terms of Apps, Apple is better than Android.

    After Sales: After buying an Android you can’t get better customer service but in case of Apple you get best Customer service which is the plus point for an Apple.

    Samsung vs Apple: Why Apple is Better than Samsung?

    Apple and Samsung are mostly equal but in some cases I should buy Apple smartphones not samsung. In the view of performance Apple is better than Samsung. If you think, the price of an Apple is so expensive than Samsung then you are wrong because now Samsung is also providing a high price of smartphones. So friends, if you want to buy a smartphone for  playing games with better quality then you must buy an iphone.

    Apple has a good Ecosystem and you can easily transfer any data from one device to another with the help of your Apple account. So in some cases like good performance, use without any lack or hang, security purpose etc. the topic of Samsung vs Apple justis that the Apple is the best smartphone.

    Apple vs Samsung: Why Samsung is Better than Apple?

    If you think Apple is always better than Samsung then you are wrong. In some cases the Samsung smartphones are so far better than Apple. Now I explore all in nesx para.

    In point of price samsung has many types of phones thats why Apple fell down. You can get a Best Samsung mobile under 11000 but in that case you can’t buy an Apple smartphone.

    Samsung Products vs Apple Products

    Now I am comparing some products of Samsung and Apple. So all the points that I am covering in comparsansion are based on price,performance, quality, availability, user rating etc…

    Samsung Galaxy S20 vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro

    Both Samsung Galaxy S20 and Apple iPhone 11 pro are nearly the same price which is almost $1000. Samsung Galaxy S20 is the lower version of S20 Ultra, similarly iPhone 11 pro is the lower version of 11 pro Max. But here Samsung has more users for this particular product. In that case both phones are similar to each other. But in 5G connectivity the Samsung Galaxy S20 is better than iPhone 11 pro. The iPhone 11 pro doesn’t have 5G connectivity.

    Both the phones have the best camera, good screen, same features and powerful hardware. In the screen the Samsung has 6.2inchs with 20:9 ratio where Apple has 5.8inchs with 19.5:9 ratio. In that case you must go for Samsung. If you are looking for a camera based phone between Samsung vs Apple then no doubt the iPhone 11 pro is best for you. Both phones are best battery life but when we compare with two phones battery the result will refer to Samsung. If you want the best battery based smartphone then Samsung Galaxy is the right choice for you.

    iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9 plus

    The price of both iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 plus are ₹57,999 and ₹30,999 respectively. Both have Li-ion battery of iPhone X is 2716mAH and another mobile is 3500mAH. Samsung has a larger screen with 6.2inchs and 1440×2960 pixels resolution button the other hand iPhone has 5.6inches and 1125×2436 pixel resolution. If we talk about the CPU then the iPhone is better than Samsung, in that case iphone X has 2.39GHz with Hexa core processor while Samsung Galaxy S9 has 2.8GHz with octa core processor.

    Both the mobile phones have the same Internet storage of 64GB. But in RAM the iPhone has 3GB where Samsung Galaxy S9 has 6GB. If you are still confused about what you should buy? Then my opinion is Samsung Galaxy S9 is better than iPhone X.

    Samsung Pay vs Apple Pay

    Both products are digital products of two companies. And there are almost the same features of both Samsung pay and Apple pay. Both are free for all users. Basically these two digital products haven’t made any difference. So not only Apple pay but also Samsung pay is best to use for all.

    iPhone 12 pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

    Both the phone’s price is greater than 1Lakh. If we talk about the exact price then the iPhone 12 pro Max comes with ₹129,900 and the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is ₹121,990. The Apple iPhone 12 pro max has “Apple A14 Bionic” processor, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has “Qualcomm snapdragon 865” processor. The camera Specification of two smartphone’s Apple and Samsung are 12MP+12MP+12MP rear, 12MP front and 108MP+13MP+12MP rear, 40MP front respectively. Samsung has a 6.9 inches screen while Apple has 6.7inches screen size. Both the two company’s mobile phones support 5G networks.

    In overall if you still want my opinion then in that case Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is better than Apple iPhone 12 pro Max.

    Final Words

    In the above discussion about the Samsung vs Apple we have concluded that both the company’s smartphones are better.

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