Reality of – FAUG Game Release Date in India | FAUG Game Download apk and much more.

At that time FAUG Game is trending game in India. Because After PUBG banned intimately actor Akshay Kumar announced to Produce a Battle Roya game named as FAU-G. Also the CEO of GOQii was declared that FAUG Game Release Date in India is November month in 2020. 

In this section we will discuss about the popular Battle Royal game Faug. Here you can find when fauji game released in India and how to download FAU-G game apk file as well as Obb file. But before we go to our topic I will inform you all details about this game. Like what is faug game, who is the founder of this game, exact release time, how to download and much more. So without any time wasted let’s go to our Section.

What is Faug Game ?

FAUG Game is an Indian first most wanted Battle Royal game before releasing. Basically in this game you can enjoying with real time experience. 

In 2020 after Pubg Mobile Battle game Banned in India this game is best Alternative game of Pubg

” Some peoples are wrong spelling of this game name. 

Wrong:- Fauji

Right:- FAUG

Meaning of Faug Game

There are a beautiful meaning of this game you can also say the full form of FAUG.


F – Fearless 

A – and

U – United

G – Guard

Basic Information About Fau-g Game

Faug game was developed by Indian best game develop company nCore, which is placed in Bangalore. 

Vishal Gondal is the CEO/Founder of this game.

This game produces by Akshay Kumar.

This game promise that the 20% revenue of this game will donate to Indian army fund.

Also this game will be the best Alternative game of PUBG Mobile

Feature of Faug Game

This game will released with best user features. And also this game become user friendly.

This game not copied of pubg mobile or any Battle games those available in Internet. Faug game released with a unique game play feature and totally based on India location in this map.

You can also get the india avatar like hindu, Muslim, sikh, punjabi etc. And the map is based on Indian . Which is placed in JammuKashmiri. 

Mode of Faug Game 

In this game you can get both TPP and FTT mode which is increase the user experience of this game. 

You can also a 4vs4 match like Team Death Match (TDM) in faug game.

Gun in Faug Game

In this game you can get more types of guns that similar to other games.

  1. AKM with 7.62 mm

  2. M41 with 5.56 mm

  3. Kar98 with 7.62 mm

  4. M24 with 7.62

And much more guns you can see in this game.

Before announced the Faug game released 

Date this information was leaked may be incorrect.

FAUG Game Release Date

After Pubg Mobile banned in India, Akshay Kumar in their Twitter handle announced that a new game like Pubg will develop in india named as FAUG. And the game will developed by indian best game developing company nCore. After this news mr.Vishal Gondal which is the CEO of GOQii announced the game will completely Released on October of 2020 in india. But after end of October month means in 25th oct. Faug game trailer was released. And he say in their Twitter handle that the FAUG GAME RELEASED in November of 2020 not in October. 

Faug Game Released Date in India exat date

Still today there no any information about the Exat Release date of Faug game. But in leaked information is the faug game Release date may be in November 1st week of 2020.

When Faug game released in India

Faug game is the most wanted and trending game in India at this time after pubg Mobile ban. Also this game will be best alternative game of Pubg Mobile . Now many game lovers are waiting for the faug game Release date. And very excited to see the 1st look of this viral game. 

In the information of nCore company which develop Fauji game the game may be released in 2020 November 1st week at the time of diwali festival. 

Faug game Download 

After this game completely released you can able to download faug game from Playstore or App store.

But in this time there are many more fake faug games are available in Playstore. So don’t waste your time to download this fake games.

For downloading faug game

Search faug game in the search box of Playstore of appstore.

Then click on the install.

After that you can easily download faug game.

Size of Faug Game Apk File 

nCore company declared the the size of this game may be 1.5gb to 1.8gb.

Faug Trailer

In 25th oct. 2020 the faug game had been release this 1st trailer in the Vishal Gondal Twitter account.

Here is the faug game trailer video :-


Faug Game Download Apk  Beta

After faug game released in india you can easily download the beta version apk file as well as obb file from the official website of faug game.

For faug game apk beta you need to pre-register with faug game and then you can got the download link of faug game apk file and obb file.


Finally Mr.Vishal Gondal announced that the faug game Release date is November month of 2020. After this game released you can download faug game. And also you can join with faug game beta version. So the Faug Game at this time is a trending game and also make history in game world. 

I think you got all information of faug game release date in india and also how faug game apk download. If this article is helpful for you then please share to your all game lovers friends and I hope you enjoy this.


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