6 ways to make money from Battlegrounds Mobile India. | How to make money from Pubg Mobile India.

Yesterday my friend asked me:- can I make money from Bttlegrounds Mobile India? My answer was “YES“. And I tell him 6 ways where he can earn money online from battlegrounds mobile india. So I think I should write an article on that topic. So here finally I am going to explain to you the amazing ways to make money from pubg India game

Already many more players were generating good money by all ideas that I discuss in this article. So after pubg mobile was banned from India many players stopped playing. But after Battlegrounds mobile india (which is the newest version of pubg mobile and specially developed for indian.) There are many players who are interested to make money online from Battlegrounds mobile india game. So if you played pubg mobile india, then you have a chance to generate a good income by playing Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

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    How to make money from Battlegrounds Mobile India?

    Mainly I will discuss 6 ways and give some ideas to getting money by playing games. If you do not want to play pubg mobile then you can apply this idea to other Battlegrounds games. And I am sure after reading this article you will be able to earn money online by playing all Battlegrounds games. So finally I will discuss all the ideas below. If you have any doubts then you can ask me in the comment box.

    1- Start a Gaming Youtube Channel

    Youtube is the best platform to make money online from Battlegrounds mobile india (BGMI). There are many gamers who have already earned lots of money from youtube by showing their talent. If you are a pro player it means you played better in PUBG or BGMI then you have a chance to make a passive income. 

    Basically here you need to make some videos related to your game and you can make more money. Keep reading this article, I will explain all the ways in simple terms. In youtube you not only make money but also you can gain love, respect, fame, fan etc. 

    If you are not a good player then you can also make money from youtube. You can commentary on other videos, can make short funny videos. 

    Types of YouTube Channel

    Before starting a YouTube channel for making money from Battlegrounds mobile india game, you need to select a subcategory under game. So here I will give 6 youtube channel ideas. So that you can start your youtube channel easily. 

    • Free gameplay Videos

    You can make free gameplay videos and upload them on your youtube channel. The free gameplay video means there are no copyright issues on your videos. And any can use your video to their other video. There are many youtubers who are not showing their face on video. And then search for that type of free videos for their channel so that you can help them. And the best thing is you can gain more users and in the next future you can make money to use your viewers. 

    • Tips and tricks videos

    You can also make tips and tricks videos regarding the Battlegrounds mobile india game. There are many gamers who need some tricks to win their gameplay. So if you played good then you can also give some tips. In that type of channels are very popular on YouTube. Also you can earn money from this idea. This is the best way to make money online from Battlegrounds Mobile India or PUBG or any other game. To making that type of video you can follow some popular channels. 1st learn how they make videos and then you can make that type of videos.

    • Live streaming 

    One of the best and popular ways to earn money from Battlegrounds mobile india is live streaming. In this idea you not only earn money but also you become popular on youtube. If you are a gamer then you must know to carry minati. He streams all types of games on youtube and he is one the best youtuber in india. So that type of idea you have more options to earn money from games. So if you are a good player in BGMI then now start live streaming on YouTube.

    • Short game videos 

    Those types of videos have more chances to go viral in a shorter time. So you can make youtube short videos of battleground mobile india games. In this idea you can gain more people and then you can use them to promote anything and from that promotion you can make money easily. Also you can redirect your viewers to any other platform. So just work on this idea. Hope you understand what i want to tell you.

    • Guide videos 

    There are many new gamers who need some guidance about the game. So that you can make that type of video and upload it on YouTube. The guide means you can tell your viewers how to play good gameplay. Where are the best loot places? Which gun is the most powerful? How to climb on the top roof of a house etc. And believe me you can earn more money from Battlegrounds mobile india to use this idea 

    • Game prank videos

    The prank gameplay videos are very interesting for all viewers. So you can prank on any player and record videos then upload it on youtube. The prank game play means you have behaved like a noob on your random teammates. And start your match your teammates think you are noob and they insult you. When you kill more enemies then your teammates are really surprised. So you just make a video in a smart way. Am just hinting at you but you need to research that topic. You can also search this type of video on YouTube and then start your own channel. 

    How to start a YouTube channel?

    It is very easy to start a youtube channel. You can also read my another article, which is how to start a youtube channel? In that article I will describe all things to start a youtube channel. But here I will also tell you some steps to start a channel on YouTube.

    1. 1st choose a name for your channel and make a logo and banner for your channel.
    2. If you use a mobile phone then open youtube and click on your logo. 
    3. Then enter your channel name, upload your logo, and also upload your banner 
    4. Then write some description about your channel 
    5. And also provide some keywords regarding your channel.
    6. And then finally upload your videos.
    7. Try to upload at least one video every day.
    8. And make sure you have quality videos.
    9. Finally keep consistency of your uploading.

    Equipment Required

    You must have a Smartphone or a computer or laptop. And you need a good Internet connection. Initially on funding required to start your channel. Means without investment you can make money from Battlegrounds mobile india game by youtube.

    Ways to make money from YouTube channel

    There are many ways to earn more money from a gaming YouTube channel. But here I will discuss mainly 6 different ways. Which can help you to monetize your gaming channel. 

    • Adsense

    Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize your gaming YouTube channel. For that you need 1000 Subscriber along with 4000 hours watch time within 365 days. After this Criteria fulfills your channel you can monetize your channel and generate a good amount of income. 

    • Affiliate Marketing 

    Before using this trick you need to know what is an Affiliate Marketing. So before understanding the basic fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing you can make money by this way. Basically in this way you need to find some gaming products and then promote that product to your viewers. When your viewers buy any product from your link you will get some communications. And believe me this is the best and popular way to earn money online from Battlegrounds mobile india and also from other games.

    • Promotion 

    When You raise your subscribers some companies approach you to promote their product on your channel. And also the company will pay you to promote their product. 

    • Paid Membership

    Paid membership is another feature to monetize your channel which is provided by youtube. In this way your Subscribers can access some premium videos by paying some money. And you can make money from this feature. For more information you can search what is paid Membership on YouTube?

    • Donation

    When you are popular on youtube you can provide your paytm or phonepe number on your videos. And your fans also donate some money to you. Also the popular youtubers are using this way to make money from games.

    • Super chat

    One of the other ways to monetize your channel. When you live streaming you fans can super chat to give some money. 

    So basically these were some ways to monetize your gaming channel. And if you follow all steps then you can easily make money online from Battlegrounds mobile india or pubg mobile india.

    2- Join Online Tournaments

    You can make money from Battlegrounds mobile india by playing online tournaments. There are many more platforms for online gaming tournaments. And if you are a gamer then you can take advantage of that platform. To earn money from any games tournament you need to become a good player of that particular game.

    If you are a pro in PUBG mobile india then you can earn money by joining any trusted PUBG tournament. So basically for Earning money from Battlegrounds mobile india, you can also joining battlegrounds mobile india tournaments. 

    How To Make Money from Battlegrounds Mobile India(BGMI) Tournament?

    There are some simple steps to earn money from a gaming tournament. If you are a good player of this BGIM game then you can join any tournament. 

    • 1st you need to invest some amount of money then you can earn a great amount.
    • In online tournaments you need some entry fees and then you can get rewards for every kill and also victory. 
    • Your rewards depend upon the tournament platforms term and Conditions.
    • For example- if you enter a match with Rs.10 entry fees then you can get 5 Rupees for each kill. And the victory amount may be 100 or 200 Rupees.

     So in this way you can also generate an income by playing pubg mobile india or Battlegrounds mobile india game.

    Find a genuine Tournament platform

    The most important thing before joining any tournament is trust. Make sure you must join with a trusted platform. To find a trust platform 1st see the reviews of that app or website. And also you can research about that platform on any other social sites like Facebook, YouTube, and also Google.

    You can watch reviews videos on youtube. And also use that platform for some days. 

    3- Sell your Game Account

    Yes, you can sell your BGIM ID and easily make money from Battlegrounds mobile india. If your id is old and you haven’t any time to play then you can sell it. But remember one thing before selling your ID you have full some criteria which is mentioned below:-

    • Your Battlegrounds mobile india id must have an old id.
    • You must gain more RP and also more rewards.
    • You need to unlock many items.
    • You have the best and exponentially gun skins, dresses, Vehicle skills etc.

    If all the conditions are fulfilled your pubg mobile india id then you are able to sell you your account.

    How to Sell your Game ID?

    There are some platforms available on the Internet to sell your game accounts. So search for the best platform and then list your id. And when buyers like your id they can contact you. After that you can take money from them and give your BGMI Username and Password. So this is one of the other ways to Earn money online from Battlegrounds mobile india or pubg.

    For more information you can search on Google about this idea. And make sure you will list your id on a trusted platform.

    4- Start a website Related to Battlegrounds mobile india

    If you want to make money from any Battle Royal game, then you can start a website regarding this game. Believe me this is the best way to make money from Battlegrounds mobile india. In this idea you need to create a website and then monetize this. Also I will give you some website ideas and some ways to make money from a gaming website.

    Types of Websites

    There are many types of websites that exist on Google. But in particular this topic there are no websites. So I will discuss 5 different types of websites where you can generate a good amount of money. 

    • Game Guide 

    That type of website is very popular on Google. Because the Battlegrounds mobile india game is newly coming. So many people do not know how to play. So you have a chance to make a website and post some Guide articles on your website.

    • Tips and tricks 

    Many youtubers are mostly searching for some new tips and tricks related to this Battlegrounds mobile india game. So this is time to start your own tips and tricks website to make money from that game.

    • Information 

    Basically that website contains some information about that particular game. You can write some info like where is the best place for loot on different maps. Also you can post which gun is best and which ammo for which gun etc.

    • Blog

    The blog contained all things about Battlegrounds mobile india game. You can cover all things with only one blog. You can create different categories. And then post minimum 7 to 10 articles in each category. For more information you can research about it.

    • Forums or Community

    As we all know the Battlegrounds mobile india game is new in our india. So at that time many gamers has facing many problems. So you can build a community to solve that problems. Basically here gamers are write their problems and some gamers also write the solution of that problems on your platform. 

    Requirements to start a website

    There are some basic requirements to make a website. You need to Invest a small amount like 5k to 8k. Basically to make a website you need a domain name which is your website name. And also need a hosting to host your website. 

    Ways to make money from a gaming Website

    There are many ways to earn money from a game website but here I will discuss 3 ways. If you follow these 3 ways then you can earn a good amount of money from your gaming website.

    • Adsense 

    Adsense is provided by google. You can monetize your website by showing ads. When users visit your site they watch those ads and then you can make money from those ads.

    • Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing means you can sell some products on your website and then get some communications. For that method you can choose some gaming products to promote on your site.

    • Paid Promotions

    Once you become popular then some companies are offering you to promote their products or Services on your website. For that promotion you can also make money.

    5- Became a Teammate of Popular Gamers

    If you are playing well then you can approach some popular gamers to become their teammate. When you play with them you can also become a popular player. And then you can gain some fans and you can retrieve them to your other platforms. So just open your smart mind and work on it. So i think this is another way to make money from Battlegrounds mobile india or pubg mobile india.

    So now improve your game play and approach some popular gamers. 

    6- Became a Freelancer

    If you don’t need to open your own platforms like youtube channels, websites then you can still earn money from Battlegrounds mobile india. This method is not only for gamers but also anyone can use this trick. 

    Basically in this way you need to improve some skills like photo editing, video editing, content writing etc. So here I will discuss some methods which are related to pubg mobile india games. And also you can make thousands and thousands of money from this way.

    Make Thumbnail Templates

     We are mostly watching videos on YouTube. And I am sure you all know what a thumbnail is. So there are many youtubers who upload gaming videos. They don’t have any time to make a thumbnail. 

    So you can mail them and approach them to make a thumbnail for them. And also you can make 5 to 10 thumbnails free of cost then you can charge them some money. So in this way you can also make money.

    Video editing

    If you are a gamer and you have some basic knowledge of video editing, then you can earn more money by this way. So basically you need to find some gamers on youtube. And then watch their videos. If you are confident to make a better edit than them, then you can contact them. 

    Article Writing

    If you have some knowledge about pubg mobile, then you can write articles. 


    Money is important for anybody. And there are many ways to earn money from the Internet. If you know What is Internet and how does Internet works? Then you have a lot of chances to make money from the Internet. So basically in this article i will cover a short part to make money online. If you love Battle royal games there are 6 ways to Make money from Battlegrounds mobile india

    I hope this article will be helpful for you and still if you have any doubts regarding this topic:- How to make money from Pubg Mobile India. Then you can put your doubts in the comment box or you can directly send me your problem by email.

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