Job vs Business. | Which is better job or business? In 2021

Hey, today in this article we will discuss Job vs business and which is better job or business? So before we go to our topic I would like to tell you a small story. So let’s get started.

Introduction of Job vs Business

In the starting days of my career, I went to

meet the owner of a company. When I met the owner he was busy in a meeting, till then I was sitting with his manager. Now that manager used to get a very good salary. So I started to talk to him. I was good at making relationships, so I made a friendship with him. Now when I was talking with him, he told me that he had a business. But he was not successful in business. He had a loss and today he is doing a job and he is satisfied. 

He told me that he is earning 1 lakh per month and he was doing well according to him. He told me doing business is like riding a lion. You are sitting on that lion till then you are enjoying it, but the moment you step down from that lion, he will eat you. That means the day you would stop doing your business you would face losses. I didn’t understand the whole conversation at that time. 

But then I went to meet the owner. When I was sitting with the owner I was having  a different conversation. He told me, “my manager is not doing well, after sometime I  will replace him, I am recruiting new people“. Now I don’t understand who is more stable, the manager or the owner. So which is better Job or Business? what we should choose. Because many people in their career are confused about this decision, that we should do a job or we should do business. What is right for us? Job or Business

So in this article we are doing a fair comparison. We will evaluate both what are the pros and cons of the job? and also what are the pros and cons of the business? And then you have to make a decision about what is better for you? job or business. So let’s start our topic Job vs Business.

Table of Contents

    What is a JOB?

    The process to make money by joining other organizations or a business is known as a job. So in this process you can make money by giving your time to others.

    The  JOB means “Joining Other Business”. In a job you need to work under a boss. 

    So we can also tell the JOB means “Just Obey your Boss”. 

    In a job there are not many more time-freedom and money-freedom. 

    What is Business?

    Business is a process to generate a passive income by providing some products or services to other peoples or customers. In this process you can make money by multiplying your times. That means you can hire some people who will give their time to you.

    A business can give an opportunity to become your own boss. And in this process you will get more money and time freedom. So this is the simple definition of a Business.

    Comparing Job vs Business

    If you deeply read and try to understand the above 2 points, then you can choose the better option. Basically we need to understand the fundamental definitions of job and business. But next I will also discuss in depth our topic job vs business. And then you can easily choose, which is the better job or business

    Remember one thing here I will give you all information about job vs business. But that’s your response to select the best one. Basically now we will discuss differences between job and business according to some points.


    At this point we will see what is the risk level to start a job or a business. Where can you face risk and how?

    • Job

    In a job there is no risk. Once you get a job you haven’t any risk in future. Because here your work is only obeyed by the seniors. So if you face any problem on a job then your boss or senior will solve that problem. So without any risk you can do your duty on a job.

    • Business

    This is totally different from a job. Without risk you can’t start a business. When you start a business you have to prepare to face any type of problems. The main risk is in a business you will start with an investment.


    All we know is that the Time is Money. So here I will tell you where you can gain time and where you lose time. 

    • Job

    In your job you must give your time to an organization. So here you can get less time freedom. A job does not give sufficient time to his family or any other places, excluding his job.

    • Business

    In business you have to give more time from starting. But when you become stable you will get more time to spend with your family members.


    The final result of a job or a business is money. So everybody wants money. So that he starts a job or business. So here I will tell you which is a better job or business from the point of view of money?

    • Job

    No doubt you can get money from a job. But in a job you can only fulfill your needs. You can’t fulfill your big dreams. Here you can earn immediately.

    • Business

    In business you have to wait some days to earn. You need patience to earn money from a business. And the best thing is here you can earn more money.


    Future security is a very important step for anybody. All people want to secure their future for a better life. So here I will tell you the difference between a job and business in terms of security.

    • Job

    This is the life secure platform. Once you get a job you are almost free from tension. Here you will get your salary every month at a fixed time. And if you are doing a gov. Job then you have got more other benefits also. 

    • Business

    As I tell you on this platform you haven’t any guarantee for success. But here if you are doing great work then you haven’t any problems. But a business is not good from the point of view of Secure.


    Basically we all think the investment means the investment of money. But here we discuss not only money but also time. So the time invested is more powerful from money.

    • Job

    In a job you don’t invest any money. But if you haven’t any more education then you need to invest your time. And at that time there are many people who are investing more time to achieve a job.

    • Business

    When we think of doing any business, the thought that comes to our mind is investing. So in a business you must need investment. 

    1st 5years after starting

    So at this point we just look out what happens when we start our work in the field of job or business. So basically I tell you the 1st 5years of your career started. 

    Let’s assume A and B are two people. A is doing Job and B is a businessman. So now we see what happened in 1st 5years.

    • Job

    As you assume A is doing a job. So now A will be able to start income after one month. That means A will get money instantly. And within 5years A also got incriminated. But the salary is fixed for A.

    • Business

    B may not be earning money after 1month. If B does his work on Smartly then he will get a good amount of income. And B can grow his income. And also B can improve his skill and work.

    Life Style

    For a better lifestyle we need 2 important things. the 1st is Money and the 2nd thing is Time. If you have lots of time but not money, then you don’t live a good lifestyle and vice versa. So let’s see where is the best lifestyle, job vs business.

    • Job

    If you are in a job then you have limited money and also limited time. But there are many jobs where you can get lots of time and money. But for that you need hard work. So if you are doing a normal job then you does not live with a good lifestyle.

    • Business

    After some time of doing business you can set an ecosystem for your business. Then you will have more time with money and live a better lifestyle.

    Advantages of job

    Now I will tell you some Advantages of a job. Job is not bad from some point of view. Let’s discuss the Advantages of a job.

    No Risk

    You haven’t any risk on a job. That means in a job if you face any problems then your superiors can handle it. If your organization means where you are doing your job, then you must get your salary at the time. So there is no risk of any loss.

    Salary Guarantee

    The major benefit of a job is salary. In any situation you got your salary at the time. And this is a guaranteed salary.

    Advantages of Business

    No look at the some Advantages of a business. And there are lots of advantages in a business. So let’s discuss one by one.

    Time Freedom

    In a business you have Time Freedom. After your business is well stable you have lots of time to enjoy your life. And also here you can start any other business due to time freedom. 

    Money Freedom 

    In a business you have a chance to increase your money. Basically here income is totally depending upon you. If you put more effort into your business then you will get more benefits from it. So in a business you have money freedom.

    More efforts, More Benefits

    If you work overtime then you can get some money. At that point in a business you can earn more money. And here you can hire more people for more profits. And can increase your business for more benefits.

    Be your own Boss

    This point is more motivating to me. I am always thought to be my own boss. So in a business you can become your own boss. Where you have all control on your work.

    Disadvantages of job

    Also there are some disadvantages of a job. So here we will discuss all points. 

    Work load

    In a job there is more workload. 

    Limited time-freedom 

    In a job you must spend 8 to 12 hours within a day. So you can’t get more time to spend with your family.

    Can’t take own decisions

    Always you need to obey your seniors. And in many more cases you can’t make any of your own decisions. If you need any leave then you need permission.

    Disadvantages of Business

    In Job vs business we discuss the disadvantages of business. So let’s see.

    High risk

    You have high risk on a business. Always you have tension related to your business. 


    you will get depressed in a business. Always you have a fear of loss.

    No guarantee to success

    There are no guarantees to success in a business. In a total of 100% there are 70% of people who fail in business. So if you do not do well then you haven’t any guarantee of success.

    Start-up problem

    The major problem of a business is the startup problem. Many people fall back at that point.

    Initial financial problem

    For a business you need good financial support. So before starting a business collect some funding.

    Which is better job or business?

    The final question is which is a better job or business? So now I will tell you some important points which will help you to find better career options. So before deciding the best must read this point of job vs business

    In our body 5 fingers are not the same as each other. Like this, all peoples are not the same.

    If you have some skill to develop a business then you must try a business otherwise search for a job. 

    Whats happened if same income of a job and a business?

    Take a comparison with the person who is doing a job and a person who is doing business. Now let’s assume that both of the same income. The person if he is doing the job is earning 60,00,000 annually and the person who is being business he is also earning 60lakh annually. Do for month it is 5 lakh. So there is a difference between taxation in business and job you have to understand this and much more many people don’t let you understand this in our school education is not the part that is why people don’t know when people start to earn then they understand so I will tell you at first only with which you can plan now a person earn 60 lakh on in business you have tax benefits not on 10 lakh income there is a 30% income slab if there is no income then you have to give additional cess and tax you have more than 30% of the tax let’s assume that it is a 30% flat income tax let’s assume so a person who is earning 6000000 he has to get 30% tax that is 18 lakh means a person who is earning 6000000 and he is giving tax of 30% then in job his flat tax would be deducted at a given 18 lakh in the the taxes you would assume that his 18 lakh is gone from him so his net income is less means your income after tax is less now the amount he would have with which he would travel and bye purchase a car purchase phone with that he would purchase laptop and vacations but in business there is different taxation in businessman legally in India can do tax planning and tax saving how let me explain assume if a businessman also on 60 lakh then he does not give tax on 60 lakh first he would do his expenses for example a person purchase phone for 1 lakh a businessman is also purchasing a job person is also purchasing the person who is dong job spent 100000 then he would have to give a tax of 30000 but in business the person does not have to pay tax he can put it in business expense then only I will call the client If he’s putting the charge in his phone then also it is a tax benefit after that you purchase a car on car he get depreciation again tax benefit then he goes for Travels know if a person goes to Switzerland if he is going to Switzerland then he can say that he went for business trip means I went to Switzerland and there I make the videos and videos I get income and because I get income from videos then this is my business now if I went on vacation and I’m making videos there then that is my business only now what happened from here I went by business class or economy class my flight ticket on which I spent on that I won’t have to pay the tax that is a benefit I would get after that the hotel I would stay in all the complete tour expenses that I can show as my business expense and get tax benefit on it similarly for you, I am telling you if you are doing the the business you pay the taxes later you can do many of your expenses and show many expenses with which you can save tax and the person  from 60 lakh did 50 lakh rupees of expenses than the 10 lakh he has on that he gets the tax and if we assume 30% than 300000 rupees tax so here the person who is in job has to give a flat tax with business can can do tax saving for hair taxation is a very big point.

    Difference between Job and Business (job vs business)

    Time freedomLess More
    Money FreedomNoYes
    Fix SalaryYesNo

    Summer-up job vs business

    With a job you get a job according to your skills. If you don’t have skills, if you don’t have  good education then you can’t get a good job. Now if you get a job then you get a fixed  salary. Now this is a stability point. Because in business it is not like this in a job. If  you are getting 50000 then every month you get 50000 in your account. why did I say around 50,000 because you can get bonus incentives. You took a holiday then it could be less also.  But you will get 50000 per month this is surety will what is we will talk on it now in business  it is not like this. If he is earning 50000 he can earn 1 lakh and 2 lakh also he could  also not earn 50000 also so their stability matters in business but you get stability  in the job.

    My Suggestion

    1st you need to know your own skill. If you have good knowledge about business then you must welcome it. But you don’t need any risk or any other problem then go with the job.

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