How to use Signal Private Messenger app ? Signal Private app Review.

After whatsapp giving their new privacy Policy at this year, there is more harmful to use whatsapp. So in this case you can switch your messaging platform from whatsapp to S Signal Private Messenger App.

Signal private messenger app is also a messaging platform like whatsapp and telegram. In this app you got similar functions like send messages (text, audio, video, all files), you can make both audio and video calls, and much more like whatsapp and other messaging platforms.

Now Signal app go to viral and many more users come to this platform to enjoy this app’s features.

Whatsapp New Privacy and Policy

In 2021 whatsapp update their privacy policy. According to this new privacy policy, whatsapp clearly mentions that now whatsapp will collecting users personal data like device all information, you sim operator all information, you behavior, and many more.

Whatsapp will gives all data to Facebook company and Facebook make ads relevant to you.

And also whatsapp says that in future may be you can see ads on direct whatsapp platform. 

In this new privacy Policy your whatsapp may be banned without any pre notifications, if you violating their privacy Policy.

You can also read whatsapp new privacy policy on their official website by click here

Note If you not agree to whatsapp new privacy policy then you can’t use whatsapp after February 2021.

What is Signal Private Messenger?

Signal Private Messenger is a message service providing platform like whatsapp. You may be says that Signal Private messenger is the Alternative messaging app of whatsapp.

In this app you can got some similar functions like one-to-one message or group message, you can share all types of files like audio, video, image, pdf, gif, apk etc…Also here you can make direct and group audio call and video call.

This app is the best message service app due their privacy Policy and end-to-end encrypted.

In 24th july 2014 signal was developed by signal foundation and signal messenger.  You can use this service with different different devices like android, iOS, windows, macOS and  Linux. 

In this app you can start with your Mobile number. And today this app going to trends due to whatsapp new privacy and policy.

Signal Private Messenger App Review

In basic of all message service’s privacy the Signal Private messenger app is better than others. Because here don’t collect your private data and also all messages are ene-to-end encrypted 

But in this app you don’t get two factor authenticate. This only need your telephone number to create a account.

Now this app became a greater messaging platform and you can easily use this app to converses others.

Here you can got a good privacy and good interface to use. 

How to use Signal Private Messenger?

For Android Devices

irst need to download so you can easily download and install signal Private messenger app from Playstore by just searching “signal” in Playstore search box.

After finishing your installation process just open the app.

In 1st time you got a alert to accept their privacy and also you can got option to restore backup (if you are a older user then you can restore you old data like chats and all other). So now just hit on Continue and go to next.

In next screen you need to allow some permissions like your contacts, call, storage etc.. for using this app. 

After allowing all permissions you need to enter your Mobile number and also need to provide your country. 

Then you will got a OTP to your mobile number and need to enter in the otp box. In case you don’t received any otp you can request for other otp or call for verification code. 

After successfully verified your number you can set a 4 digit passcode to secure this app in your device. You can skip this process.

After all complete now enter your name and you can set a profile picture. 

So finally your app ready to chat with your friends.

If you want to make video or audio call then go the chat section and in top bar you got options to make calls.

Here you can create a group also and in group you can also make video and audio calls.

For iOS Devices

Download Signal app from app store and install. Then you can easily create a account.

If you facing any problems then you can read the use for android devices which is given above and the all process are same.

For Windows 

Open any web browser and search signal messenger then in 1st position you got the official website.

Here you can easily use this messenger.For more details Read this article

signal vs whatsapp

In the basis Features


You can got many more features in whatsapp and here you can also get group video call upto 8 user at a time. In whatsapp you can make a group of 256 users and make one-to-video video calls and audio calls.

Here you can make a broadcast which helps you to send one message to multiple friends atthe same time and the limit of adding people is also 256.

In whatsapp you can got status section where you can able to post any stories which will visible only 24 hours. And only your contact members are watch your post.

Also in whatsapp you can share files like images, audio, video, gif, apk etc.. which is limited size less than 16MB. Also you can share documents with bigger size upto 100MB.

In recently whatsapp add a new feature which is online money transfer. In this feature you can send or receive money through upi id in whatsapp.


Signal is providing one-to-one message facility and also you can make a group. In signal app you can make video and audio calls in both one-to-one and groups.

This app priority to users personal data thats why all conversations like message audio call and video calls are end-to-end encrypted.

This app supports only to make a groups. And you can’t make any broadcast. And here you can got a best option that “Note to yourself”. That means you can chat with your number for store any informations which is not in whatsapp.

In the basis Data Collection 


Whatsapp are collecting many more data from users which are given bellow.

Device ID

User ID

Personal Data

Shopping data


Mobile number 

Email ID

All contacts details 

Payment information 

All type data which are available in your device.


This app not collecting any data just collect your phone number to create account on this app.

In the basis Security 


All the messages are end-to-end encrypted. This app allows two-step verification. And in the new updated privacy this app need to access all your data which are available in above.

Also whatsapp provides a fingerprint lock system to secure their app in your device. And nearly whatsapp release disappearing message system.


In the basis of security purpose this app is very good for users. In this app you can also got end-to-end encrypted for messages and calls. This app not share any type of user data to other third-party. 

For prodect your app you can set a 4digit passcode in your signal Private messenger app on your device.

Q&A Related to Signal Messenger App

Q1. Is Signal private messenger app real safe?

Ans- Yes

Q2. Is signal really private?

Ans- Yes

Q3. What does signal private messenger do?

Ans- Signal private messenger allows users to send messages and make video or audio call on Internet.

Q4. Is signal better than messenger?

Ans- Yes

Q5. Is signal a cheating app?

Ans- No

Q6. Is signal owned by Facebook?

Ans- No

Q7. Can Signal be hacked?

Ans- 95% No

Q8. Does Signal keep messages?

Ans- Yes but in the form of encrypted. Which is safe for users.

Q9. Is signal better than WhatsApp?

Ans- Yes

Q10. Why is signal more secure than WhatsApp?

Ans- Signal app not collecting any type of personal data and users message are end-to-end encrypted. And the main thing is no more any third-party getting your data through signal app. But in whatsapp there are no any restrictions for all above things. Thats why Signal is more secure than whatsapp.

Q11. Is WhatsApp based on signal?

Ans- Nearly similar


If you are very conscious with your personal data then you most ignore to whatsapp and use Signal Private Messenger app. So finally in this article you will got how to use signal and also got a overview of this app. So in my personal Review of this app get rating out from 10 to 10 start.

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