How To Start Youtube Channel and Make Money From YouTube in 2021 : (step-by-step)

How To Start Youtube Channel and Make Money From YouTube in 2021 : (step-by-step)

To this day Youtube is the largest social media video platform in the world. In India there are more than 90% of Internet users who are watching videos on YouTube.

In this section we will discuss How To Start Youtube Channel and Make Money From YouTube in 2021 (step-by-step)

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Basically in this section we will teach you how you can create a YouTube channel and how to generate a passive income for you. 

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If yes then don’t worry here we will discuss all things about a YouTube channel from beginner to exporter. 

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Here we will cover all things those you need to start a YouTube channel like:-

How to start a YouTube channel for beginners, How to create a YouTube channel, How to make Money from a YouTube channel and also how to upload videos, how to set thumbnails, how to write tag,Description,Title etc.

Before Starting your YouTube Channel

You need some requirements before starting a YouTube channel.

You Must Have a Mobile or a PC

1st of all you need a device like Mobile Phone or a PC for operating your YouTube channel.

Must Have a Data Connection.

Then you need a good data connection for your device for accessing the Internet. I think after the coming of JIO in India there are no more problems for this matter.

Need a Gmail Account

Next you need a Google Gmail account. Without a gmail account you can’t proceed. You can also use your old existing gmail account or can create a new account with a unique email address.

Select a Niche To Start Youtube Channel

After all you need to select or niche (Category). This step is more important to grow a YouTube channel. 

Choose Name

After choosing your category then choose a unique name for your channel which is your brand also.

Make Logo and Channel Art

Then make a Logo and Channel art according to your Niche.

Now you are Ready to start a youtube channel.

How to Create YouTube Channel 

After fulfillment of above required things you are able to Create a Channel.

This is very easy to make a YouTube Channel just follow some steps to easily create a channel.

1- Open any web browser in your Mobile or PC or Laptop ( For better experience we suggest chrome browser to use). You can also do this process in your mobile official YouTube App. If you use mobile then must turn on the Desktop site in the chrome menu. 

2- Now search in your browser search bar and click on go. Next you will be redirected to the YouTube page.

3- Now select your gmail account in the top right corner. If you want to use a new account then you can create or choose your existing account by clicking on the switch option.

4- After selecting your account you can get a popup option for choosing your Name. In that option you can write your channel Name which was you previously thought. Next click on Create. Now your YouTube Channel has been successfully Created. You can also change your channel name in features.

If you complete the above steps carefully then we think you now have a YouTube Channel.

How to Set-up YouTube Channel 

After successfully creating a channel you need to customize your channel for looking good and need to optimize for seo.

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How to add logo for YouTube channel :-

Logo is an Identification for YouTube channel as an image. Your logo also describes your channel category so you need to make a meaningful and unique logo for your YouTube channel . 

To set your logo you need to go to your channel by tap on the channel option in the right top corner. Then click on Customization on the left site menu. Then go to BRANDING and upload your logo.

You can also add your logo by your Mobile so just open your YouTube app and go to the channel section then click on Gear icon which is also known as setting icon. Then click on the logo option and upload. In this you can easily set your YouTube channel logo.

How to add Banner Art for YouTube channel:-

Banner Art is a design in your channel and makes you look good. 

Similarly you can upload your banner art and how you set the logo.

How to add Description to YouTube channel 

Description is the most important thing to grow your channel. Here you can describe to your channel. When someone searches any query in your channel related then Description helps to reach your channel. So carefully write a good description for YouTube.

In the YouTube mobile app you can easily set your Description by clicking on the settings icon then choose Description.

How to add Tags for YouTube channel :-

Tag is the all keywords that are related to your channel. Tag helps you for seo and you can add tags in your channel.

For adding Tags just go to channel setting and click on advance setting then add your all tags.

There are some basic customization for your channel. If you are a beginner then these are enough for you.

How to Upload Videos in YouTube

All above points are one time work but video upload is daily work.

You can upload videos from your YouTube apps and also upload in a web browser.

In mobile apps, just open YouTube and in the top section you will see an option for uploading video which is a plus icon just tap on this icon and upload videos.

In the web browser, go to the channel section and you will get an upload icon. Now click on this icon and select your video. You can also drag and drop your video.

After some time your video uploaded successfully and set a title for your video and also describe about your video in Description section and then add you tags which is related to your video topic.

Now add a thumbnail to attract you viewers and finally publish your video.

In this way you can successfully upload your video on YouTube.

How to Make Money From YouTube Channel 

After knowing How To Start Youtube Channel you must know about How to Make Money from YouTube.

YouTube has some Policies for monetizing your channel. These are you need 1000 Subscriber and 4000 watch time within 12 months.

After your channel fulfills the above criteria you are able to monetize your channel and earn money.

When your channel competed above 2 Conditions. You need a google Adsense account to monetize your channel.


If You want to Start YouTube channel then this is the right time to start a channel.

Just select a Niche and Create a YouTube channel and then daily upload a new unique video. When you are able to monetize your channel you can earn from YouTube..

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