How Does WhatsApp Makes Money?

How does WhatsApp make money? As you may know, WhatsApp has always been ad-free unlike Facebook. So that two questions arise, how does WhatsApp make money? If it doesn’t run any ads and what does Facebook have to do with WhatsApp? We will talk about these things but first let’s talk about the origin of WhatsApp.

When it was first installed and released, it only charged its users a dollar every year. So that they can keep the service on their mobile devices but the first year was absolutely free. So anyone can get an application and first use it for a full year and then they need to pay once in the first year. The payment was only one dollar. But they had to pay that WhatsApp is used to make money in this way to maintain the service.

But this changed in 2014, in addition they collaborated with operators that provided these users with packages that included WhatsApp. So it was a win-win situation for both WhatsApp and operators. However, as you may know in 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp and interestingly it ended the dollar strategy. The policy became completely independent so that anyone could get the service and use it as long as they wanted it without paying a dollar.

So you may wonder how does this actually work and how does WhatsApp make money? If it does not run a single advertisement and if it does not charge any one dollar. The answer is simple: it is all about the information you provide on the Facebook and WhatsApp databases. So when you come on WhatsApp and start talking with someone or sharing a picture or scene with someone that you like or send or share a link to a website that offers a product that you like, it looks interesting. Then facebook detects this piece of information and it keeps them stored in a database. So that they can use that piece of information to improve the accuracy of the advertisement that they post and run on Facebook.

So if you have two accounts on facebook and the other is on WhatsApp and when you first come on WhatsApp and talk about the shoe you find interesting with someone you are close with and then you See you on a completely different day on your Facebook page. The chances that you can find the show on the Facebook feed are very high. Because of the information you have shared with Facebook, Facebook feels that your information is very valuable, so that it uses that information to use that information so that the advertiser advertises and the advertisement on the Facebook page Can run. So that you can see the product page you were talking about.

So that is again how Facebook is how WhatsApp makes money without running ads. It provides the Facebook database with the information they need to find better algorithms and provide you with better advertising. So as you may have noticed over the years, advertisements are not just random things you cannot use or will not think about. They are very precise about what they are and how they can serve you because you have already done something similar. If the same thing on your WhatsApp profile is not on your WhatsApp profile, then some of these things Although very problematic and controversial, it is a method done by the WhatsApp site and Facebook.

It was then acquired by Facebook and in 2014 scrapped the one-dollar strategy and instead collected information and used it as a means to improve the idea of ​​publication advertising. To customize and tailor the advertisement to the needs of the users so that WhatsApp actually earns money.

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