Eway Bill- what is e way bill? How to generate eway bill? All details.

 Eway bill refers to Electronic Way Bill which is mentioned a record or report to the movement of products or goods. If a person have GST ID then without Eway bill

he cannot transport of goods with a Vehicle while the value of goods more than 50,000 or equivalent. 

What is Eway Bill

An electronic process which maintaining the movements of a transporter goods, within a state or other states is known as Eway Bill.

“E way bill means Electronic way Bill”

Without an eway bill a Supplier or a transporter or a buyer cannot transfer goods from one place to another if the value of goods 50,000 or more even they have valid Registered GST ID.

In other words this is a permit to transfer goods with a Vehicle of goods value more than 50,000. 

A transporter can generated a eway bill from the official website of eway bill which is ewaybillgst.gov.in. And can login from this login portal by entering the valid Username and Password with filling correct catcher.

When E way bill is not required

If you are a supplier or a recipient or a transporter, then you should know when eway bill is not required

Some people thinks Eway bill not required for 50 Kms. But that wrong. Here I will discuss certain topics that not required a Eway bill for movement of a consignment of goods.

  • If transfer mode is non-motor Vehicle.

  • If goods transfer under a Custom Portal.

  • If goods transfer from Nepal or Bhutan.

  • Under Ministry of Defences.

  • Empty Container Transfer.

  • If goods are movement under a  custom supervision.

If goods value less than 50,000 then In this case E way bill is not required.

When E way bill is required

If the values of gooda more than 50,000 then, Eway bill must be needed before transfer goods within a state or to other states. That means inter state or intra state respectively.

There are some purpose of E way bill. 

  • Supply of goods from Suppliers to Receivers with consideration.

  • Supply of goods from Suppliers to Receivers without consideration.

  • Received goods from an unregistered person.

There are some reason to generate eway bill like :- goods transfer from one branch to another, Buying goods from an Unregistered person, and exchange of goods etc.

How to Register E Way Bill

There are some basic steps that you follow to Register Eway Bill.


Open any web browser on your device and go to eway bill login portal by typing  ewaybillgst.gov.in, in your browser search bar.


Now click on Register which is shown in top side of eway bill Portal. 


Next choose 1st option which is new registration or eway bill registration.


Now you can got a registration form and enter your GST Number and a fill the capture. Then click on GO.


After click on GO button you can redirected to a new page where you can show Applicants Name,Trade Name, Address, Email ID and Password as per your GSTIN.


Carefully check all details and click on Send OTP. After clicking on Send OTP you can got a OTP to your Email and Phone. 


Now enter the correct OTP then click on Verify OTP. After verifying you OTP you will get a option to set your Username and Password and again put your password to Re-enter Password.


Finally click on Submit button. After submitting your details you will got a dialog. Then click on ok.

Now your eway bill Registration is finished. So simple click on LOGIN.

E-way bill login system

After successfully Registered you can now able to Login to your eway bill portal.

For login, just click on Login Button and enter your username then enter password after all just fill the capture and Click on LOGIN. Finally Now you are successfully loged in and now redirected to you eway bill Dashboard.

How to generate e way bill

There many more types to generate eway bill like you can generate through SMS, Android App, API etc. But here we will only discuss about How to generate e way bill through website. So lets start this

First of all goto eway bill official website and login to Portal.

Then Click on Eway bill which will show in left site top of the dashboard. 

Then you can see more options now click on New Eway 

Now you will got the full registration form to generate eway bill.

1st choose Inward or outward.

Enter Required all details carefully. Now Click on Submit.

Just Review your form and proceed to. After all finished, you can got your eway bill. Just print now.


Finally for movement of goods there are a mandatory document for certain cases. So Eway bill helps you to make this document and transfer goods easily.

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