10 Things Every Technical Person Should Know

Technical Person Means:- A person who has some basic knowledge of Computer, Smartphone, Internet, Electronics, etc. Here I will talk about some basic things that a technical person should know. Before I started this article clearly mentioned that, all things that i will discuss in this post are coming from a top tech youtube channel TechnicalSagar. 

Technicalsagar posted a video where he showed some basic knowledge required for a technical person. If you think you are a Technical Person, then the all mentioned points are justified. According to Abhisek Sagar (Founder of Technical Sagar) the people saying they are technical people, then they must know all the basic things.

What is Technical Person?

A Technical Person is nothing but the person who has basic computer knowledge with some programming, and also knows how the Internet works with some network knowledge. A person is also a technical person if he is in the IT field. 

So basically if you think you are a technical person then you need to know some technology which is discussed below.

10 Things Every Technical Person Should Know

1- Windows Install

There are many more Windows users in the world. But majority users don’t know how windows install in a pc/laptop. If you think you are a Technical person, then you must know how to install windows in your pc. Windows install is very simple but non-technical person don’t know this. So the 1st of a technical person must know how to install windows on the computer. Many people have also changed some money for this work, So a technical person can save those money.

2- Two-Factor Authentication

This two-factor authentication is a major role of security to users’ privacy and personal accounts. So a technical person must know this two-factor Authentication. Basically if you use any social media then your account secure is most important so in this two-factor Authentication you can easily secure your accounts. For a technical person this is very important to protect your privacy and personal things like your id, password, username etc. 

3- Basic Electronics Knowledge 

Basic electronics means you must have some knowledge of wiring, diodes, soldering, capacities etc. These all factors are very common things for a technical person, so a technical person has basic knowledge of electronics. Suppose sometimes some wire disconnects in your computer, so in that case if you are a technical person then you can easily handle this situation without losses of any money. 

4- Networking Knowledge

This is the big thing that a technical person should know. Here networking means not all networking knowledge but you have some knowledge of networks like, What is IP? How does IP work? Use of Routes, How does Network work? What is the Internet? And how does it work? etc. So all the networking knowledge must be needed for an IT person.

5- Cyber Security

A technical person must know how to protect yourself from Cyber attack or hacking. So if you are a technical person then you must know about cyber security. You not only protect yourself but also you can protect your friends or family members from cyber attacks. So if you are interested in cyber security then you can easily learn by just investing Rs.299 from Technical Sagar.

6- Secure your Password

A technical person must know how to protect their password. You need to protect your Password in the ATM. And also knowing don’t remember your Password in any cyber cafe or any other computer or phone. And you need to generate a strong Password. If all the things do you know then you are a technical person.

7- Secretly Using Browser 

The meaning of this line is a person who said he is a technical person then he must know how to serve with anonymous. And also knowing the use of VPN. In that process you can save your personal data.

8- Laptop keyboard Change 

A technical person should change the laptop keyboard without visiting any shop. 

9- Use Camera on Manual Mode

A technical person should know to use a camera in manual mode.

10- Computer Build

Computer build is very easy for a technical person. So if you don’t know it then you are not a technical person, 

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