EARNKARO VS CASHKARO. Best Platform to Earn Real Cash in 2022

EARNKARO VS CASHKARO. Which is the Best Platform for Earning Real Cash? Based upon their features and services. 

Hey,Friends welcome to technicalasish.com. Here we will discuss the differences between Earnkaro and Cashkaro. And also see which is the best income source for Earning Money. We will compare Earnkaro vs Cashkaro based on their profits and features.

In this post we will see:- 

  • What is Earnkaro app? and Cashkaro app?
  • Earnkaro app Review and Cashkaro app Review.
  • How to use Cashkaro and How to use Earnkaro.

We think above all points are enough for choosing the best platform. So let’s get started.

What is CashKaro?

This is the largest coupon code provider platform in india. It was started by Swati & Rohan Bhargava in April 2013. TATA Group Chairman Mr.Ratan Tata and India’s leading Venture Capital firm Kalaari Capital is the Investor of CashKaro.

What is EarnKaro?

One of the best Affiliate sites in India which provides 1500+ Ecommerce sites including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and much more. The interesting thing is Swati & Rohan Bhargava also founder of EarnKaro which is also an organized CashKaro site.

CashKaro App.

CashKaro App is the SmartPhone Application of CashKaro Portal which is  easiest use of SmartPhone Users. CashKaro App is now available in android Playstore for Android users and also available for iOS users in Apple App Store.

If you want to Download for your Android Phone, then open your play store and search CashKaro you will get this app. Similarly you can search in the Apple App store.

You can see more than 1million android user download CashKaro App in their android Phone. and CashKaro has good Reviews from their users.

EarnKaro App.

This is only available for SmartPhone users. If you are a SmartPhone User then You can use EarnKaro without visiting any web browser by Installing EarnKaro App from Playstore (Android users) or Apple store (iOS users) to your Smartphone.

For Download this app for your android phone just search EarnKaro in you Playstore and for iOS user you can search EarnKaro in Apple store.

How To Use CashKaro

If you want to Know How To Use CashKaro then follow the Below instructions carefully.

Open any browser in your device and just search Cashkaro.com in your browser search bar

Now you will get a new page which is the CashKaro official web page. Now in this page you can see a option Signin and Register

If you have already Registered then click on Signin else you can click on Register/Signup now

Then you can get a form, now just fill this form with your basic details.

After filling the page click on Submit/Register/Signup

Then you will verify yourself through OPT or Email Verification process 

Finally you got a CashKaro Account.

Now you can see more offers and deals in your portal.

Then select one offer or deal with your necessary. Otherwise you can search any offers by tapping on the search icon.

After choosing your offer you can get a coupon for recharge,buy a product and much more.

After finishing anyone’s offer you can get your rewards for each action. And the rewards shown in your balance section.

Finally you can withdraw your rewards through your bank account and other payment methods.

How To Use CashKaro App

For using CashKaro App you must need to download CashKaro App from play store or Apple Store. Then install it on your phone.

Now open the app and register if you’re a new user else you sign in with your details.

You can Register through your Facebook Id or Email Id and Password.

After registering or signing in, go home. Then you can see offers and deals. Then choose any offer and buy or recharge to get your cashback.

All cashback you earn will show in your Earning section. Then you can withdraw easily through your bank account.

How To Use EarnKaro 

If you don’t know How To Use Earnkaro then don’t worry I describe all process to use EarnKaro. So let’s discuss it.

First of all you need a EarnKaro account to use Earnkaro for Earning Money. Just go to EarnKaro.com website on your device and simply create an Earnkaro account.

After creating an account you can see more deals and offers of many products. Then choose any product as your wish to buy.

After buying them you can get some commission for this product.

If you want Earn More money then you can promote EarnKaro products to your friends and when your friend purchases anything through your link you get a commission for these products.

You can also sell other ecommerce products through EarnKaro and get profit. For promoting any product just go to this product website and copy the link then come CashKaro site and click on Make Profit Link then paste your link and click on Make link. Then you get a new link from the Earnkaro site and now share or promote this link to your friends or family members. When your friends or family members buy anything through your link you can get rewards and finally you withdraw your money.

Also you can check profit rates of different different websites by clicking on the profit rate.

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How To Use EarnKaro App?

If you have a Smartphone then you can use EarnKaro App easily for Earning Money.

1st you need to Install EarnKaro App to your Smartphone and open it. Now click on Register if you are a new user. You can register with your Facebook Id or Email Id

After successful registering will automatically redirected to the home page. Then you select any product to share for Earning Money. You can also customize your products. For customizing product open any browser in your phone and search a product which you want to promote then copy link and come on again EarnKaro App in bottom of app you can see a option Make Link now Click on Make Link and paste which you have copied. Then click on Make Profit Link then you can got a new link which is provided by EanKaro App now share this link through any social media and when any buy anything by clicking in your link you got some % Profit.

Note:- You can Earn more money by Referring to your friends by your Referral code. You got 10% commission for each Referral Income.

Already you have an idea about Earnkaro vs cashkaro which is best. Finally we have discuss some Review of Earnkaro vs cashkaro then you will decided which is better for you

CashKaro app Review

From Playstore we got information about CashKaro is 1million plus people install CashKaro App in their phones. There are more than 1 Lakh people who share their opinions in the Playstore. 

Basically CashKaro is a Coupon based website and here you can earn Money by doing any recharge or buying products. CashKaro is a CashBack offering platform which gives some cashback of your purchase.

Basically you can use it for your personal uses of Recharging,Booking,Shopping and more. Here you can save your Money after getting a service. 

By the way, CashKaro is best for you if you do more shopping online.

EarnKaro app Review

EarnKaro is a real platform for Earning Money. You can earn more money without investing a single rupee. In play store more than 5lakh people install Earnkaro App and have better Review. Here you will generate good income as a part time or full time work.

Basically EarnKaro is an Affiliate system which provides us an opportunity to promote any company’s product through Earnkaro and Earn more. EarnKaro is a trusted indian company and you can work without any fear with EarnKaro.

Compare with EarnKaro vs CashKaro

Founders:- Swati & Rohan BhargavaFounders:- Swati & Roh
3million+ user use.5Million+ User use.
no investmentdepending on your product. almost no invest
More time required for EarningIn a short time you can earn
More income profit Less income profit 
10% Referral bonus for each10% Referral Bonus
500k+ android user download EarnKaro App1M+ android user install CashKaro App


Finally we conclude that the above discussion of EARNKARO VS CASHKARO. Which is the Best Platform for Earning Real Cash ? EarnKaro is better than CashKaro by their Income strategy. So finally you can work with Earnkaro and also CashKaro for Earning Money.


  1. Is it safe to use Cashkaro app?

    Yes, CashKaro is safe.

  2. Is Earnkaro legit?

    Yes, EarnKaro is a legit platform.

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