10 Best Offline Android Games Under 100MB 2021

Are you looking for the best offline games? If yes, then here I will give you a list of 10 best offline android games under 100MB. All games in the list are very interesting and you must enjoy all games. In this article I will discuss only those games whose size is under 100MB and available in playstore. All these offline games are personally played and I will share my own experience in this article. All the games are Best free offline mobile games. you can easily play these games to relax your mind and for timepass.

After PUBG MOBILE was banned , many gamers do not get any best free mobile games. So here I will give some games that are not replaced to PUBG but am sure you don’t disappoint all games which provide in the bellow list. If you want the best game for PUBG MOBILE alternative, then you can click here.

10 Best Offline Android Games List

Before reading the list of the best offline android games I want to say something to you:- the list which i will provide is not any sponsored just i share my own opinion and according to me these are the best free offline games under 100MB in 2021. And all the games are available in playstore and totally free of cost. You can play all games without the internet.

Ninja Dash Run

This is the best Epic arcade offline android game. In this game you can run, jump, fight and kill some Demons. This is the best time killer offline games. The game Ninja Dash Run has great graphics quality with fun. Anyone can easily play this game by just tap and swipe. Also this game is the best adventure game for your device. This game is totally free of cost and you can easily install it from google Playstore. For installing just search “Ninja Dash Run ” on the playstore and install to the 1st result.

Easy to play this game and better user-friendly.  In the time of playing you can jump to your character to protect from enemies by tapping on the left side of your game screen. And for attacking your enemies just tap on the right side of your screen. Basically to upgrade yourself on this game you need to collect coins and gems at the time of playing. So in this free offline android game you can spend more time without facing any regression. 

There are more than 50Lakhs users who install this game to their android phone. The size of the game is under 100MB which is 64.25MB. This game was released on 17th may 2018 by Viva Games Studio. So finally you can enjoy this game very much because the game has 4.4 star rating out of 82000 users.

Ramboat 2

There are more than 10Lakhs users who install this offline game on their Android and the game has a good rating with 4.2 stars from 28 thousands users. This game was also released by Viva Game Studio on 2 may 2018. The game size is 60.55MB. This is the best action offline android game. 

This is a 2D shooting action game. In this game you feel traditional. In this game you do not need any internet connection that means you can enjoy an action game without turning on your mobile connection or wifi. Offline you can get old style arcade games. This game is really easy to play but the game is very challenging and you get more trailers. This game is totally free of cost and 100% offline. You can also get different types of weapons and guns. 

8 Ball Pool (No.1 Best Offline Arcade Game)

8 Ball Pool is the no.1 free arcade game on playstore. There are more than 500Milion users who install this game to their android. If you are looking for a best offline android game? then my answer is this game is the best offline game which is under 100MB. In this game you can play with your friends but this is online, and you can play your own offline. more than 20M users are rating this game and this game has the best rated offline free android game in 2021. You can get a real life feel on this game. This game was released on 23rd jan 2013 by Miniclip.com.

Smash Hit

This is another time killer game. If you are bored at your home,office,and college, you can quickly spend your time by playing this offline game. This is the best Android offline game under 100MB. The game size is only 58MB and more than 100Milion people have already played this game on their Smartphone. In this game you can get a circular running partile like a ball and need to break some glasses. 

This game also provides the best background music. This Smash Hit is 100% free of cost and ads free game. If you want to spend some money on this game then you will do this and in return you get some extra features and unlock more modes. So overall this is an amazing game under 100MB and this game was offered by Mediocre on 5th March 2014. This is a high rated game more than 4Milion users rated this game and overlay the game archive a good amount of rating thats 4.5*.

Shadow Fighter

This is an amazing fighting action game. This game is also one of the best offline android games under 100MB. This game comes with some series and levels. In this game you will be a hero and you will fight enemies. There are 5 Heroes characters and more than 50+ levels in this game. You can get three types of mode like normal, Hard and Extremely hard. The game has amazing graphics effects and sound quality. 

Very simple to play this game. For run tap on running button, similarly for jump and slash taping on jump button and slash button respectively. This is also a time killing type of game and you feel like pubg mobile. More than 10Miloin people downloaded this game and achieved a 4.5 star rating. This game is offered by TOH Games and released on 21 july 2018.

All the best offline android games of this article, are short by the best games. which you can enjoy without any Internet connection.


Finally all the games are Best Offline Android Games Under 100MB 2021. All the above games are also lightweight and easy to play. So if you want to spend your time then you must try any one of the games from the above list. And one more thing all games are available in Playstore and you can easily install to your android. In the above list you can all type games like arcade, action, running, racing, bike etc. So without any Internet connection you can play all the games. And all games are free of cost. And the big thing of this list is the Best Offline Android Games, you can’t get any third party advertising so without any time lost you can enjoy all the free games.

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