About us

Hi, I’m Asish kumar Rout. I am the founder of technicalasish.in. On December 18th, 1999 I was borned in a small village, Subalaya. I am an indian. 

I have complete my graduation from utkal university with mathematics honors. Actually in 2014 I was known about internet in first time. So I learn 3 years about what is internet and how does it work? so after 3 years in 2017 I was started my fast youtube channel named as “Always for you”. But after 2 months i changed my channel name to “Technicalasish” 

From 2017 I will consistently learn about youtube, website development, android application development, affiliate marketing and blogging. Basically in one word Asish kumar Rout (Technicalasish) is a digital marketer. So I have more than 4 years experience in internet marketing. 

My habit is always using the internet and my concept is always learning still death.

Who is Asish Kumar Rout?

Asish kumar Rout is the owner of technicalasish.in. which basically provides tech support.

What is Technicalasish?

Technicalasish is a private company, which offers some digital services like android applications, website, blogs, digital product suggestions etc.

Who is the founder of Technicalasish.com?

Mr. Asish kumar Rout is the founder of technicalasish.com.

D.O.B of Technicalasish(Asish Kumar Rout).

18th December 1999

Address of Technicalasish.

At- Subalaya, Po- Kokalaba, Block- Narsinghpur, Dist- Cuttack, State- Odisha, Country- India.