8 Best Helpful Android Apps For Students Available in Playstore.

If a knife falls into the hands of a doctor, he performs the surgery, but if the knife falls into the hands of a criminal, he commits a crime. Similarly There are a lot of apps on the Playstore that make or break a student’s life, so now is your time to figure out how to use them. Here I will give you some android apps, that’s best android apps for students in 2022 which are helps you to improve your student life with your mobile apps. 

Many Students want enjoying while them studies. Because when they study with pen and papers they feel boring. And some time they leave study at that time and go to use for a mobile. So If a Student studying with their mobile phone then sure they enjoying with study. So that this apps are best learning apps for students. 

NOTE: the given all apps are available in Playstore. So you can easily download all apps by searching their names.

Are You a Student?

If Yes, then you must need to try given 8 apps. Which is improve your skills. So let’s see some education apps for students


Here you can learn English and 30 more languages for improving your vocabulary skills. In this app you can get short lessons in the form of game. Means here you can got a daily basis word game which improve you English knowledge. This app helps you to improve your spelling,writing and pronunciation of more English words that’s realy helps you in your daily life.

This app is free and many more students like this app. More than 100Million  students use this app and more than 9 million students give their +ve Review with 4.7 star ratings. Which is a big +ve response for Duolingo:Learn English Free.

2.Hello English 

Hello English is also a English improving app which helps you to increase your English reading,writing and also speaking. There are you can learn English from more languages like hindi, odia, punjabi, malay, urdu, chinese, gujurati, bengali, telugu and much more. Monthly more than 50 million students use this app to improve their English grammar along with vocabulary building.

More than 475 interactive lessons available in this app which is absolutely free of cost. The best think of this app is you can use this app online and offline also.

Here you can find more than 10,000 new words in a single day which can helps you to improve your English words spelling and speaking. You can learn in a form of game and quizzes in this app

There are more than 10million downloads with 4.6 star ratings from 9lakh students. So you most try this app to improve your spoken English.


You can find this app from Playstore by searching HINKHOJ or English Hindi Dictionary. This app helps you to translate hindi word to English word and you can use this app without Internet. This app also free of coat to use and you can translate English word to Hindi word and also Hindi to English. You can find more than 5lakh hindi and English words in this app. This app provides you the meaning of a word along with definition, synonyms,antonyms, example of sentences and how this word use in different fields. 

This app is easy to use that’s why more than 10million students install this app and more than 5lakh students give their opinion with a grat star which is 4.4 positive ratings.

4.Learn Vern


Learn Vern basically helps to a IT Student. You can easily learn about coding like python,C++, java and more. And also you can learn for Excel, photoshop, autocard, Affiliate Marketing and many more . This app basically make for IT students.

All classes of this app are available in video format. You can easily use this app and learn any topics which you want by chapter wise. Here chapter wise video classes available and you can got beginner to advanced of any topic.

More than 1lakh students install this app to their phone’s and this app have a good response from users. So if you are interested in coding then you must try this app right now.

5.Microsoft office lens


Microsoft office lens offered by Microsoft to scan and share a document to another. This app helps to send your notes to your friends and teachers hand note you can easily scan and save as a pdf format to future usages. This app also help to share any idea. You can capture any note or whiteboard and easily share with your friends and also you can save to your local device and you can make a note for your use.

This app having 10million active install and more tha 6lakh people share a +ve Review with 4.7 star rating which good.



MindMeister is other wise known as Mind map & note taking tool. Here you can planning of your study and can take note if you alone or in a team. You can use this app for mind mapping, project planning, Idea management, presentation or note taking. This app helps you to generate a new idea. In this lockdown time you can easily discuss with your friends or colleagues for any ideas through this app.

So basically this app helps you to create a graphically project and stylish that project to share with your friends or teachers.

This app contains 3.8 star rating in Playstore and more than 1million students install this app to their phone’s. This app free but have some features to you can purchase.



Here you can learn with flashcards. There are more 18 languages to learn. This app free of cost and you can buy some extra features. This app provide you a daily basis exam and you can easily learn more foreign languages like Spanish, Italian and many more. Basically here you can learn about science, mathematics, history, coding, and many more subjects.

You can create a flashcard and share with your friends and also you can got more flashcards which is created by another students. There are more than 50million active students in each month and you can also get your teachers flashcard. This app also helps a teacher.

More than 10million students install this app and overlay 4.6 star rating of this app.



Todait-Smart Study planner  helps you to manage your time and prepare for an Exam. This app guide you for you daily routine. And also here you can check how many time spend for a particular subject. 

Before use this app you need to set your all details like what you study and more about your subjects then the export of this app can suggest you for how you can better score in your exam. This app graphically show you what is your weekly progress. 

More than 1million  students download this app from Playstore and you can download for your better practices. This app gain 3.9 star with more positive options.

Finally the above all apps is  Best Apps For A Student to improve their study life. If you want to get all benefits of this apps then you can got all apps from Playstore.

“In my one word If you want to improve yourself then must try above apps. And this apps really helps you for your grow in study life. So finally the the Topic of 8 Best Helpful Android Apps For Students is end here”


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