58 Top Tech Youtubers in India 2021 – Best Tech Youtube Channel in India of 2020

Youtube is the largest video media platform in the world. There are lots of creators who create videos and upload them on Youtube. more than 5Billion Internet users are using youtube. But from these users, some users are creating videos and uploading them to Youtube. also there are categories. but here We will discuss Tech Category. So here I will talk about 58 Top Tech Youtubers in India 2021 based upon their subscribers. 

All the information which will be provided in this post comes from youtube and google. and all the data comes till december 2020.

Basically in this article you can get a complete list of 58 Best youtuber in india whose data in december-2020 

Full list of 58 Top Tech Youtubers in India at 2021

1st- Technical Guruji 20.3M

Technical Guruji youtube channel is the no.1 Tech youtube channel in india. This youtube channel is hosted by Mr. Gaurav Choudhry. He is from Dubai but still lives in India. On 15 october 2015 he started this youtube channel. In this channel more than 3.4k videos have been uploaded still now. and the total view of technical guruji youtube channel is 2,401,135,851 . Video language of this channel is HINDI.

Subscriber :- 20.3 Million.

2nd- Online Job 11.9M

On 1st April 2017 Online Job youtube channel uploaded their 1st video on youtube in india. almost 1.7k videos are available in this channel. and the total views of all videos of this channel is 469,468,837. Online job youtube channel is the 2nd Top Tech youtube channel in india by 2020.

Subscriber :- 11.9 Million.


Dilraj Sing on 24-jan-2017 was 1st uploaded a video on mr. Indian hacker youtube channel. Mr. Indian Hacker is the 3rd Best tech youtube channel in India. In this channel basically you can get some life hacking experiments related to Science and Technology. In this channel you can find more than 521 videos and all views of this video is 1,653,608,446.

Subscriber :- 10.3 Million.

4th- Technology Gyan 7.97M

More than 698 videos are available in Technology Gyan Youtube channel and the host of this channel is Mr.Manoj saru. The 1st video was uploaded in this channel on 18th nov. 2015.and the total views is 509,369,951. 

Subscriber :- 7.97 Million.

5th- Track in Tech 6.81M

Arjun Prabhudesai on 30 july 2012 started a youtube channel named as Trakin Tech. This channel is the best growing youtube channel in 2019. more than 2.2k videos are uploaded in this channel and the total number of views is 743,358,967.

In our list Traken tech is the 5th Top youtube channel in india 2021.

Subscriber :- 6.81 Million.

6th- Apple India 6.71M

Apple India youtube channel is the India version channel of the official Apple Company. mainly this channel has promoted their product on youtube. This channel was started on 12-may-2016 and the video language is English and more than 135 videos are available in this channel and the total views of this channel is 560,996,781. 

Apple India is the no1. Youtube channel at the form of a company.

Subscriber :-  6.71 Million. 

7th- OPPO Mobile India 6.16M

This channel is also the India version of official Oppo mobile. total views is 2,770,021,891. and the channel was created on 29th january 2014. in this channel you can find videos on english language.

Subscriber :- 6.16 Milloin

8th- Google India 5.32M

Google India has more than 5.32M subscribers in India and this channel Only for Indian users. The video language of this channel is hindi. more than 3,613,293,977 Views have already been viewed. and the channel was uploaded on 30 Apr 2018 for the 1st time.

Subscriber :- 5.32 Million.

9th- Hoga Toga 4.62M

The founder of this channel is MR. Sitare and it was started on 22-oct-2016. total views of this channel is 284,261,503. and the HOGA TOGA is the 9th top tech youtube channel in India 

Subscriber :- 4.62 Million.

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